A woman’s worth

Growing up I was a tomboy to say the least. I wanted to be as strong as a man, powerful in business like a man, not run by my emotions, and definitely not have to deal with any of the anatomical realities of being a woman.

These are the desires of a young girl yet to realise a woman’s worth and the amazing power that comes from the feminine spirit.

As I grew up I slowly began to get in touch with my feminine side, the first step of which was moving out of home into a share house with all girls. The house was creatively and thoughtfully decorated and my housemates were full of emotion and were completely spoiled by their partners. I was perplexed, but as I stayed longer I saw definite positives that came from embracing some of these more female traits.

The next step in my learning was working in an office of all women. In this office they utilised their female strengths to create a uniquely harmonious, nurturing and efficient office where each staff member thrived. This flowed through to the superior work that they produced and long standing employees. Here I learned how to embrace my strengths and lead with compassion and love, not dominance, fear, pain or submission as had been the case in many other workplaces. I learned the power of the more gentle side of human nature, particularly in business.

Years later I’ve grown to truly understand and appreciate not just the appeal of what femininity can offer to my life, but the amazing power and opportunity that it offers the world.

As a female, or man who is balanced in his masculinity and femininity, there is the opportunity to soften the harsh energies of this world and bring it to a greater place of love, serenity and maybe eventually peace and happiness.

The energies of big business, politics and society as a whole are heavily male, with some of the female attributes still at times being painted as inferior, unnecessary and sometimes even wrong. But the reality is that without BOTH females and males, the world would cease to exist.

Each gender and its energies play an important role, and are as important as one another in creating a harmonious world. In order to reach their full potential, each gender needs one another to balance and support. No one gender can do it alone.

It is only now that there is a groundswell beginning where females are starting to understand their gentle yet crucial power in a positive way, as opposed to the forcible way of past decades. I hope that with this greater understanding will also come the knowledge of balance.

I look forward to the day where modern society once again recognises the power of a woman, the balanced power of a man, and that they both work in total harmony to protect and support one another as I’m sure we were created to do.

Much love,