When life leaves you on hold

In my previous job I felt like I was stuck in purgatory, doing my penance at a place that I wanted to leave with all of my being.

Despite my best manifestation efforts and daily affirmations, I was stuck. Every door and window were closed and it felt like I would be doomed to stay there forever. Or so it seemed.

It wasn’t until a persistent health issue caused me to turn to my aunty for advice that things started to really click.

She patiently explained that I didn’t have the physical strength for the things I wanted to do. She encouraged me to look at this period as a blessing, and the job as a place to rest while I got my life back on track.

She was right. During the two years that I worked there life dealt me some major blows that fundamentally changed me.

Each time I fell down, my job provided me with a place to rest (it was a role that was much too easy for me) until I could pick myself back up. Each time, just as I felt that I was getting back on track, I’d get dealt another challenging hand.

I quickly saw that this job was in fact the perfect place for me to be while life dished up some events that I had to work through.

Yes, that’s right, the job that I felt was a prison was now a place I was deeply grateful for.

I gave up trying to control my destiny and graciously accepted this rest period. I also began focusing on the things I was grateful to have learned there each day.

This was where I learned the practice of daily gratitude. The more gracious I became, the more things started looking up.

Eventually my streak of losses ended, and I soon found an amazing new job.

I was so excited, but quickly saw that this new job was going to push me to my limits in a new way. I was guided through lesson after lesson, and I was letting go of things faster than I had ever imagined possible.

It seemed never ending until one day I was pushed to my limits. I still remained grateful, but open to a new opportunity.

That is when my life path opened up to me and I discovered what I feel I am meant to do.

All of a sudden it all made sense. Every lesson from every experience fitted together perfectly to have given me the right skill set and knowledge to pursue what I was being led to do.

It was a humbling moment when I truly understood that there was something bigger than me guiding me, always ready to provide the answers if I listened. That was the catch though – I had to give up thinking I always knew best and be led.

The lessons kept coming, but now in the form of preparing me for who I needed to be to make my next move.

It feels like my life, spiritual and personal development have all been on fast forward since I left my previous job. Upon reflecting I realise that I had needed that rest period to prepare me.

It had been a place for me to sit safely while life dished me some hard times, and where I could gather my strength for the ride that was about to begin. If only I had realised, maybe I would have been grateful earlier on.

So if you feel like life has left you on hold or you are stuck, take the time to look around at what lessons you are missing. Then hold on tight because life is going to go, go, go!

Much love,