My morning meditation

I’ve been focusing inward a lot lately, and from it amazing things have started happening.

Formerly turbulent areas of my life have rapidly turned into highlights – from work to finances to the people around me, I feel like I’m being supported in every way.

How? By taking 10 minutes every morning to check in with my body and each of my chakras. I do a quick meditation to set myself up for the day and the results have been more rapid than I could have imagined.

After grounding myself, I focus in on each of my chakras and imagine them being filled up. Here you can choose whatever you prefer, be it love, a colour or an affirmation – whatever works for you.

From here I seal that chakra with something that symbolises protection. Again, feel free to choose your own symbol.

I do this for each of my chakras, going from the root chakra to the crown chakra and even including my soul star and earth star on days I feel I need them.

It is quick and easy, and is one change I’ve made that has seen major results in my life. 30 day meditation challenge anyone?

Much love,

Paradigm shifts

It is a temporarily perplexing yet satisfying time in your personal development journey when you realise that the life you have created no longer recognises, or allows you to be the old you.

I had a temporary slip back into old, people pleasing, guilt ridden me. The friend who was involved was completely confused by my unfamiliar actions, and this then triggered her own past self and insecurities.

Luckily my slip only lasted a short period, but her reaction has stuck in my mind. She not only didn’t recognise my old self, but she rejected my old self. I am certain from her reaction that this friendship would not survive if I returned to my old ways. In order to maintain this friendship, I need to be my new self, my true self. Interesting…

In my past I created a world where I was always second, if not last. I was not able to say no without being met with rage or in many cases instantly lose that person in my life, I could not celebrate my wins or talents, and when I chose to put myself first…well that caused all sorts of reactions that left me feeling inferior and guilty.

This slip however, has made me realise that I now surround myself with people who allow me to put myself first, and authentically understand that sometimes that’s important. They celebrate my wins, love my talents and confidence, and allow me to shine right beside them. They do not want me to be submissive, they do not want me to only say what they want to hear, nor do they only want to be around me when it’s to their benefit. Interesting…

My relationship is another area that I’ve noticed this pattern. I am sure it would not exist if I permanently slipped back into old me. He values so many of the traits I now hold, especially my strength and confidence as it gives him the space to be authentic also. We communicate our needs freely and look after each other, two things I’ve never had with a man before, and value most highly. In order to maintain this relationship I need to be my authentic self. Interesting…

It has been a struggle to be completely myself in my new workplace for various reasons, but now that I have finally shown my true self I know that I can never go back. The more I become confident and willing to speak up for myself and others, the more positively this is received.

I am going from strength to strength now that I have given myself permission to be authentic, which is something I did not dream possible. As life does, it surprised me, and created an environment that facilitated me to be true to myself, and now actually demands this authenticity.

As we grow more into ourselves, life shifts and changes to create space for this. Things that facilitated our old way of being fade away, and if we let them go, this space becomes newly filled with people and situations that are in line with the new us. And eventually you hit a point where your life simply does not allow you to fall into your old ways.

I choose to be truly thankful for this support that is happening on all levels.

So thank you to all the people in my newly created world who hold me accountable to being who I truly am, and expecting nothing less. I value each of you more than you’ll ever realise.

And I know that each of you can create this in your world too.

Much love,


Goodness Gracious

My mantra for the last year or so has been ‘Be strong, be kind, be gracious’. Six small words that if I keep them top of mind have a huge impact on my day, my mood and my life. The last one in particular I’ve been noticing I no longer need to consciously think about as often – being gracious is becoming a habit and one I’d love to discuss.

Being gracious is a layered intention, like so many, and can be whatever you want it to be. Being gracious could be about consciously using your manners more, it could be about taking a second to be grateful when something amazing happens or the bonus level is about being thankful even in the face of adversity.

This last one requires a huge amount of trust in the process of life and something that took me years to absorb and then begin integrating slowly into my own thinking.

For me being grateful stops me falling into patterns of frustration, self-pity and closed mindedness. It is particularly top of mind lately with my chronic fatigue making a rather unexpected but temporary return.

My chronic fatigue is one of the few ailments from my past that truly terrifies me. It was a very dark time, feeling like I was a prisoner in my body with no medical professional being able to offer any solutions. At 21 it looked like this would be the rest of my life – sleeping 20+ hours most days with no energy for friends, hobbies, fun or full time work. It took many years to slowly conquer and I still to this day need to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends too often and support my body physically when I do.

With this unexpected relapse, it would have been very easy for me to fall into old patterns. I could have become overwhelmed with guilt about the extra workload my colleagues had taken on or missing important social events, been frustrated that my body would not allow me to do what I wanted or resentful for a ‘weak body’ when I am so conscious to look after it to the best of my ability.

I could have also fallen into the very natural and typical reaction of self-pity and even possibly depression thinking that this would once again be the rest of my life.

When our bodies are weak and energy is scarce it is even easier to fall into old habits and negative thinking. Whilst some days I did not have the energy to be overly positive, I did choose to trust that everything was exactly how it should be at that moment. This relapse was for a reason and I just needed to be open to learning what that was, while also doing everything physically I could.

Some days I did fall victim to my old unconscious thinking but I found this was often when I allowed myself to be influenced by others – another lesson this relapse has taught me. But each time I’d quickly pick myself up and begin once again consciously choosing to trust and be grateful for the lessons it would teach me and the opportunity to rest and be silent.

I cannot count the lessons I have learned this last month, with many more I’m sure as I still heal, but the one I am most grateful for is that it showed me how strong I have become. No longer do I fall victim to things, I encounter opportunities to learn and grow.

No matter your situation, if you look hard enough (and I’m sure some of you do have situations that you need to look very hard at) there is something you can be thankful for. And that is the first step in becoming powerful in that situation and taking the reigns of it, and your life.

Be gracious. Be powerful. Be kind.

Much love,