Being brave

I think one of the bravest thing that anyone can do is pick themselves up after a major failure, and be graceful about it.

To be kind enough and patient enough to yourself during this period, while you heal, and get yourself and your life back together takes meal after meal of humble pie, and a type of tenacity that can really test you.

This kindness however is what seems to set those apart from those that fall down and don’t get back up and those that eventually do. 

I used to write a lot about humility at the start and maybe losing sight of this is where things started going off track.

When something big or small would happen, I’d ask myself the following three questions. Was I kind? Was I strong? Was I gracious?

You’d be surprised how quickly life can take shape when you keep these three things in mind.

You see the kinder we are to ourselves the faster we can move forward, and the stronger we become.

The stronger we become, the more brave we are and the more respect we give ourselves.

This eventually turns outwards, where we are so strong within ourselves that we can be kind and gentle to others. We begin to exude humility whether we realise it or not.

Then we may begin to receive, where it’s so important to be gracious. For whatever that may be.

These three things together can create a life that is off the charts amazing. But it takes constant focus and introspection to maintain this new way of being that’s so unlike what our culture promotes.

These things create a life that’s about giving to others quietly, being sure within yourself in a way that doesn’t need social media followers to validate, and a level of respect that lets us be so quietly content within ourselves that we’ve got plenty of awareness to help others.

That’s the kind of world I want to live in, and that’s what I’m so grateful my life recently has showed me both sides of.

Ego is complex. You can’t give when you are busy taking, but sometimes it gives you the initial kick in the pants you need before consciously choosing a more positive motivating tool.

Humility however, is the quiet achiever that I’m sure can change the world. It’s up there with trust, maybe even higher on the list of things that human nature lead us away from, but that the search for peace and a meaningful life lead us to master.

When things are good, humility is about seeing the gift of everything, every moment and being genuinely moved by the blessings you receive. It’s a quiet, deep thanks for everything that life provides you.

When you’ve gone off track, humility to accept your failures, to accept your perfect imperfection and forgive yourself well that takes guts.

Picking yourself back up while you’re beating yourself up however is even harder though. So be kind to yourself please in every facet of your life.

If things aren’t taking shape, are you doing the best you can at the time? If yes, then forgive and maybe reset your goals or look at what else you can do to grow or support yourself so you can be more.

You’ll never pick yourself up until you stop being the one who’s pushing yourself down to the ground.

Much love,


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