Pit crews

Racers have pit crews, celebrities have entourages and even workplace managers have teams. To work at our absolute best we need to be supported, not solo. We need to surround ourselves with the very best.

I’ve written before about being preconditioned to go through life as a solo act. I’m hungry for knowledge, motivated, creative and adaptive. Oh and I love a good challenge. Tell me I can’t do something and watch me fly.

As much as I love to research and learn new skills, there are people out there with knowledge far superior to my own. They’ve sometimes spent a lifetime mastering it and what an amazing gift to be able to tap into this to support myself in whatever way they can offer.

When we let go of our past behaviours we’re opened up to new ways of being, and new doors to areas we may have never expected. It’s okay to need support to keep growing if you want to be your best every day.

I plan on making a big difference in this world and that means that the speed I’m growing is surprising even myself. I feel like I wake up a completely different person at least twice a week after conquering challenges that pushed me well beyond my limits. I no longer do this on my own though.

I’ve had meltdowns and tears, days that I didn’t want to get out of bed, eaten my overwhelm forgetting my commitment to my body and had multiple mini chronic fatigue relapses that left me struggling to even have a shower.

It hasn’t been easy.

Now I could have battled through each of these things myself, and probably been just fine. But what I’ve learned is the absolute pleasure of being able to share the load with another.

Some days it’s been admitting my fears to a close friend and letting my wall down. Other times it’s been seeking the help of a professional to speed up my physical healing process or help with an area of my business that’s challenging me.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to hand over your power, or powerlessness in some cases and say it’s all too much to do on your own. And that’s okay.

Let a friend hug you when you are down, watch a funny movie or Youtube clip when you are taking life too seriously, take short 5 minute breaks on even your busiest day to move your body and ask for support when something is overwhelming.

The more I accept that I can’t do life on my own, the more I value the contribution that others are making. They just show up in my life at exactly the right time with a set of skills and knowledge that far outweigh my own in many cases. Other times it’s just really nice to have someone else be accountable for something I’d normally need to keep track of.

There are a lot of skilled people in this world, let’s surround ourselves with the best.

To get started, think about what areas are most important to you. Then consider if they start falling out of focus when you get busy. These might be the best places to start to surround yourself with some support.

This then frees up your own time to do what you need to, at your best, and with some energy still left in your tank.

By having external support it means that we don’t only make our own lives easier, but it creates time and energy to do things that are bigger than us, and be there for others also.

We aren’t singular beings so let’s support each other. If we all did this ever day, that’s the kind of life I want to create. That’s the kind of world I’d love to see.

We all deserve a pit crew for this reason.

Much love,


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