Our darkest days

Many of my earlier posts were centred around my past, something I rarely talk about. Even those closest to me know very little.

The intention of these posts wasn’t to showcase the pain or struggle I’ve been through, but were a message of faith and hope for those who were also experiencing their darkest days.

A book I’ve been reading lately that has deeply resonated with me on this topic is Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

For any of you who choose to read this, or are already familiar with the book, you’ll notice there are a few posts that were inspired by her thoughts.

These thoughts hit home deeply for me, and I would like to share her message with you all – an audience who may never pick up her book.

The final chapter gave me a great level of peace about my past. She speaks of the seventh chakra experience of our darkest days.

These are days where we feel completely alone, forgotten about by life, society and Christ if you are so inclined to believe in Him. For me, I do, though my words here are secular and from a purely spiritual perspective normally.

I truly agree with her words that while religion can form the basis of someone’s faith, it does not give us the entire picture.

She speaks about combining the ordination of religions with the spiritual teachings of Buddhism to give us all a holistic understanding of what is going on in our lives, and who we can be as a force in the world.

For me, I believe wholeheartedly in God, but do not resonate with the teachings and practices of Catholicism. I pray every day, and feel like now I have a much more clear connection with Christ than I ever received through attending a church service.

For me, I connect with Him through meditation and prayer, though I respect that for others they may still need the physical aspects that traditional religion offers. To each their own.

The importance is to understand that no one religion can provide anything. No one man can provide anything. It’s a holistic journey, and a great level of understanding, faith and aloneness is required to truly understand this.

Carolyn Myss speaks of the experience of our darkest days, when we go through a spiritual crisis. We feel alone, isolated, scared and confused. We reach the deepest of depressions as a test.

For those who endure this journey and hold onto their faith even during their darkest days, they are rewarded with a connection to their purpose like few others receive.

This is not to say that these people are superior in any way, but they have been through the darkest experiences and proven their faith and commitment. From here they find spiritual teachers to guide them through, and eventually come out the other side of this experience changed forever.

They no longer recognise their experience of life in the same way.

She refers to these people as modern mystics.

For those of you enduring your darkest days, hold onto your faith and know that you are being guided and held, though you cannot feel it just yet. You are never alone, and always protected. Trust this, hold onto it and all will be well.

Much love,


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