The X Factor

There’s a certain glow about people who are living out their passion. Something emanates out of them, and they have something about them that’s immediately recognisable to everyone around.

Even if it’s just realising that there’s something different or special about them, they have a presence that everyone can tell they are kicking goals.

At lunch recently I was surrounded by two girls, a close friend and another girl who I’d never met before. As we navigated the sometimes awkward conversation that follows when you meet new people and try to find common ground, we started talking about her big five things she wanted to achieve in life.

After reading a book she’d been inspired to assess what she wants out of life, write a list and start ticking things off. 

From this book she determined not only a roadmap of what she wants to achieve in her life, but also her purpose. Her purpose for living as she called it. She was buzzing.

The deeper we got into discussion, her body language changed and she began emanating that glow. It was spectacular to watch and as my friend and I also shared about our purpose the table was suddenly filled with three strong, sure, remarkable women who were out to create change in a big way.

The first time I put together that this amazing vibe is from someone living out their purpose was at a conference I attended for work. It was Run The World, an entrepreneur conference that celebrates some of the less recognised but truly amazing female entrepreneurs who are making waves in their industries.

Each of them buzzed. They were strong, sure of themselves and had an energy that lit up the stage as they spoke about their businesses.

From Pia Muehelenbeck of Slinkii Athletic to Gillian Franklin of Heat Group and Eli Censor of Nutrition Bar and KX Cycle, it was clear that they were no ordinary women. Or were they?

I believe that living out our purpose is something that every person has the ability to do.

Regardless of your gender, age, upbringing or socioeconomic status, we can each determine our soul’s purpose and live it out.

What this looks like might be different depending on some of those aforementioned factors, but I believe that we are each born with a purpose. I also believe that once we 100% choose to go forward with it that we’ll be given what we need to make it happen.

Our purpose is often closely linked to our passions. If you live to tell jokes, your purpose could be to spread joy, if it’s cooking then your purpose may be to nurture others or bring people together.

Each day I set my intention and I leave no room for questioning that it will be dedicated to what my purpose is.

I’m so grateful to now know my purpose and be about to launch a company that encapsulates all of my belief systems.

This company will allow me to create the type of workplace I’ve craved my whole life, not just for me, but for my future staff. It will also help me spread the message on a large scale that everything we think, do, and in this case purchase, has an impact on the world we are creating. This is my purpose.

It fuels me, it frightens me and it makes me realise that I was born for a reason. What an honour to know what that is and be doing something about it.

Start asking yourself what your purpose is and the answer will come sooner than you think if you listen. The next move is up to you.

Much love,


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