Being present

Many a great teacher has written about being present. We spend most of our life on autopilot, unable to alter the state of our lives until we click into conscious mode and begin manifesting our chosen reality.

As I grow more consciously aware, I am noticing that something inside of me is fighting to keep me ungrounded, and therefore unable to be present in my life. No matter how many times I ground myself or focus on being present, there’s a strong automatic reaction to pull me out of this powerful state.

I’ve spent many years creating a life that I love, and I am finally living it. It’s been a long time coming so I want to experience every juicy and exciting minute of it, but somehow I’m still pulled away.

There was such a large part of my life where this ungrounded state served me well. Some days I spent wishing myself away as my reality was so unbearably painful. It was my dark night experience, and it lasted what seemed like a lifetime.

My only escape was somehow to pull myself away from it, and without realising it, unground myself. This provided me with some level of detachment so I could breathe again.

My saving grace was a knowing that one day I’d create something amazing. One day I’d create a life that was so good that all of this would be worth it. So I focused on that, always looking forward.

In one way this was a positive trait as I’d rarely dwell on my past, but what I only recently realised is that I also never looked at the now. I was never present. In fact, I’d bet that for around 10 years there was only a handful of times that I was truly present.

Now understanding the importance of being grounded and present in order to manifest powerfully, I am seeing that this pattern which formed to protect me long ago is no longer relevant in my life.

The only way I know to clear this is to go back and uncreate the pattern, and let my inner self know that it is now safe to be present.

Pain no longer rules my life, and even in the worst of circumstances I can handle them with a level of grace and speed that means I’m never stuck in that mindset for long.

It is now safe to be present.

But how do I convince my inner self? An affirmation that popped into my head a few months ago has helped a lot. ‘It is safe to be present in my body, it is safe to be present in this lifetime’.

Each time I feel myself becoming ungrounded this seems to pop me back down again, even if only for a few moments.

There are so many other tools that you can call on if you find yourself in a similar situation. There’s kinesiology, reiki, NLP or energy clearing, all of which work to unblock hidden patterns from your past. There are crystals, meditations, affirmations, workshops and seminars. There are also counsellors who use intuition to help guide your session to where it needs to go more quickly than in traditional therapy.

This is just a few.

With so many options to choose from, each at varying ends of the spectrum from traditional to alternate, there really is no need to stay stuck in a past reality of any kind.

Whatever pattern you are struggling to let go of, it doesn’t need to rule you anymore. You do need to be brave and choose that now is the time to face your past in order to let it go. It’s up to you. Are you ready to let go?

Much love,


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