Techniques to trust

Trust is the most illusive skill in your conscious thinking tool box and I’d go out on a limb and say the most crucial.

Without trust in yourself and life being as it should be, your rational mind will likely be able to easily squash your conscious thinking efforts.

For me this topic springs to mind as I lay in bed with my mind whirring. Despite my body being exhausted, my brain has spent the last three hours on high speed.

I have just realised that the cause of this is my concern over one particular situation, though it has not been the only thing I’ve been pondering these last few hours. Now that I’ve seen the cause of my insomnia, enough is enough, I now choose trust.

The first step for me was thanking my awesome intuition for tapping me on the shoulder and letting me realise the cause of this restless mental chatter.

Being thankful is a great place to start in any situation and helps it become a habit in your daily life. The results can be pretty amazing but that is another post for another time.

The next step was leaving my emotions behind and looking at the situation analytically. Like many situations that we ponder relentlessly, I was missing pieces of the puzzle so no amount of analysing was going to help.

No wonder I couldn’t sleep! In this case the puzzle pieces were not going to be available any time soon as only time would tell, so I had no choice but to give up and trust.

There are plenty of affirmations and declarations available to you if this is something that you are open to and feel empowered doing. For me it is.

I simply declared that I was now choosing to trust the process of life. I then went further to say that I was ready and willing to accept the future situation, however it eventuated, and asked for it to be resolved quickly, effortlessly and perfectly in the best interest of both of us.

This is language that I would have never been comfortable using at the start of my personal development and conscious thinking journey so as always, take the essence of what I said and make it your own.

It is the intention that counts, not the exact words. With any affirmation or declaration the only guidance is to avoid negative words, and frame them as positives instead.

For me, this declaration brought immediate relief and a peaceful mind, but for others further steps might be required.

One technique that can be helpful is to do a guided meditation. There are so many resources out there that as long as you are willing to try a few, you’ll stumble across the right one for you. YouTube is a surprisingly valuable tool that will give you access to a huge range of meditations.

A simple one that can be adapted to help release many emotions, is to imagine a balloon, cloud or bubble of some sort floating above your body. It can be any shape, colour and size that you wish, as long as you can clearly see it. From there imagine whatever emotion you are trying to release being sucked from every part of your body and filling the balloon.

Once you can feel that the emotions have been lifted, go a little further and ask for anything that is causing this emotion or relating to it in any way also to leave your body and fill this floating object above you.

Once you feel or see or think that the balloon is full and you’ve released this emotion entirely, imagine it floating up and away until you can no longer see it.

These are a few simple tools that you can add to your conscious thinking tool kit and help you slowly learn to accept life as it is.

A quiet mind for me, and I hope you, makes this skill something worth learning to master.


Much love,


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