Behind the curtain

A situation this week has left me wondering – what is behind the curtain of life?

If we each experience life as a reflection of our beliefs, and each live in our own type of reality or parallel reality if you will, is there one reality that is the same? And would situations still repeat if a person’s belief system did not allow them?

These musings were brought on when someone close to me shared a glimpse at a side of a person which I had never experienced or witnessed.

This is a person who I have much respect for, but the actions that were shared with me left me wondering. I wondered if I knew the real person at all, or perhaps if it were a case that my belief system simply would not allow this type of a situation into my life.

So I wondered, if I had been in that situation, would it have been the same? Or if I find myself in that position with this person in the future, will history repeat itself, or will this person continue to act in the same way that they usually do towards me.

Was the situation like that because of both of their reactions to each other? And would it have changed if my reaction were different?

All of these questions left me wondering a much larger question – what is behind the curtain of life? There are so many theories of quantum physics, many of which allude to the fact that there are many realities existing at the exact same time.

I’ve not done enough research to agree or disagree with any of these questions but they do make me think – how would so many realities exist?

Are they each on different energetic plain within the one universe, each existing simultaneously but being invisible to each other? Or are there millions of possible realities and how they come about depend entirely on the decisions of the people involved and factors in that exact moment, cancelling out the other realities and leaving only the one that exists in that moment.

Does anyone get a true glimpse behind the curtain, apart from perhaps a genuine psychic, or do even they see only one of the many possible realities within a tapestry of realms.

In some ways I guess these musings are along the lines of ‘if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound’. It does make you wonder – if our beliefs shape our lives, and our lives are truly just a reflection of our beliefs, do we exist in a predetermined individual reality that is consistent with our beliefs? Is the rest hidden behind a curtain for us never to see?

It’s yet another post with no answers but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Much love,


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