Part 2: Do you have a cold or a severe case of empathy? Mastering Empathy

So you have an inkling that you might have some of the empathetic traits I spoke about in Do you have a cold or a severe case of empathy? and you are back for more. Welcome!

It seems to me that the trick of mastering this gift of empathy, though I’m sure some days that gift isn’t the word that you use to describe it, is in knowledge.

To paraphrase a very wise natural practitioner I spoke to: if you become aware that your body is like a metal detector for emotions and energies, reflecting what is going on around you, then you also now know that what you are ‘feeling’ is simply a reflection.

When a metal detector senses metal it does not turn into metal, it just beeps away to let someone know what it has found. So in the same way, we don’t ever stop being us when we reflect an emotion or energy.

We do not stop believing what we believe or stop feeling how we originally felt, be that happy or healthy, before we picked up this particular energy or emotion…or physical ailment. We do in a way personify these however which is where it gets tricky.

The only way for us to learn to know the difference is to focus inward and ask ourselves if what we are feeling is ours. Yes you might feel silly the first few times but it works, and it will help you regain your own power.

For some, just registering that what you are feeling isn’t yours might give you the freedom to detach or let it go and bounce back to however you were feeling before. For others, or more tricky energies such as physical ailments, you might need to consider some tactics to clear negative energy. I will be posting about that very soon!

If I can leave you with one thing to empower you let it be this – ask yourself ‘is this mine?’ and if the answer is no, leave it behind!

‘I return this emotion/ailment to whoever it belongs to. Leave my body and do not return.’ I like to follow this up with some type of blessing, or healing energy if the word blessing makes you uncomfortable.

As your understanding of who you are and how you are grows; as you get more practiced at telling the difference between what is yours and what is not; as you get faster and faster at remembering to ask yourself if you are actually feeling this certain emotion or ailment or if you are simply reflecting it, you will become the master of your empathy and once again the master of your mind, body and life.

If you are still feeling sick though, you probably should go see a doctor whether it is an empathetic ailment or not.

Much love,


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