My morning meditation

I’ve been focusing inward a lot lately, and from it amazing things have started happening.

Formerly turbulent areas of my life have rapidly turned into highlights – from work to finances to the people around me, I feel like I’m being supported in every way.

How? By taking 10 minutes every morning to check in with my body and each of my chakras. I do a quick meditation to set myself up for the day and the results have been more rapid than I could have imagined.

After grounding myself, I focus in on each of my chakras and imagine them being filled up. Here you can choose whatever you prefer, be it love, a colour or an affirmation – whatever works for you.

From here I seal that chakra with something that symbolises protection. Again, feel free to choose your own symbol.

I do this for each of my chakras, going from the root chakra to the crown chakra and even including my soul star and earth star on days I feel I need them.

It is quick and easy, and is one change I’ve made that has seen major┬áresults in my life. 30 day meditation challenge anyone?

Much love,

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